Kehilot Mitchabrot – Connecting Communities

The “Kehilot Mitchabrot” -“Connecting Communities” project creates warm and mutual relationships between rabbis and their  communities in Israel to their counterparts overseas. The program matches a community in Israel with a community abroad and assists in the process of connecting the rabbis and the communal leaders


The “Connecting Communities” program was born during the Coronavirus crisis against the background of communities in Israel and around the world attempting to deal with the difficulties and distress combined with the feeling of isolation and separation from Israeli communities

The need to unite, get closer, get to know one another, and create a connection and a sense of “family” between Jews in Israel and their peers in the Diaspora rose to the surface and demanded a professional systemic response

Program Goals

Raising awareness of Israeli rabbis and communities regarding the importance of  connecting to communities around the world

Training Israeli rabbis and community leaders to act towards tightening the bond between the Israeli and overseas Jewish communitie

Creating a deep and warm connection between Israel’s rabbis and their counterparts around the world

Creating connections between community members in Israel and abroad

Building and deepening the connection by creating discussion groups, virtual meetings and shared projects

In the future – traveling to get to know community members, and joint seminars

The Program

Recruiting rabbis in Israel and abroad

Mapping out communities and their need

 :Training program for the rabbis

  .The program includes: studying and getting to know communities in depth, communication skills, and acquiring practical tools for actualizing the connection

Matching the communities

Providing support regarding content, challenges, and mutual learning

The program is a joint venture of Gesher, World Organization of Orthodox Communities and Synagogues, The Jewish Agency, Igud Rabanei Kehilot, Ase Lecha Rav and the Barkai Center for Practical Rabbinics



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